Growing up on my family’s farm in west central Iowa I learned the values of hard work, honesty, accountability, and the appreciation of a job well done. In 2009 I started QB Homes based on these same values. My construction career began as a college summer job as a laborer/framing carpenter on a small crew near where I was raised. From there, I quickly took up all different aspects of carpentry as a frame to finish carpenter, and was especially intrigued and trained in high detail finish trim carpentry. This journey was key in my education and understanding of the entire home building process and gave me the experience I needed to allow me to build my current custom homes with exceptional quality and unmatched attention to detail.

_MG_0090_1_2The most important lesson I learned along the way is that there is a big difference between building a house and building a home. I know that building a home of your dreams is usually a once in a lifetime experience. I strive to make that experience as enjoyable, stress free, and memorable in the best possible way for my clients. My goal in this process is to exceed the expectations of the home owner and to build not only their dream home but also the level of respect and satisfaction that they would want to recommend me to their family and friends. I am honored every time a client selects me to build their home and I know that it is my responsibility to make their dreams reality.

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